Cake Balls by Natalie

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Have you ordered cake balls or tried them at a party? How did you like them? Would you change anything? Let me know!

Quotes September of 2008, I went with Natalie to a cookout at her neighbors down the street. When I was helping her bring up some dishes I asked "what the heck are those".....CAKEBALLS!!!!! Since that day I have been hooked on her delicious creations and don't mind the occasional title of being her ginny pig for new flavors! ! Perfect size treats for literally ANY occasion! Quotes
Best Cakeballer I KNow!

Quotes Cake balls by natalie are the best! These guys are great for any event or dessert on any ocassions.. Try them next time your sweet toothe wants some sweets. Cake balls by natalie will surpass any expectations!!! Quotes
Best thing since sliced bread!

Quotes I ordered these as a thank you gift for a family. I called the mom to see if they liked them. She said her 3 kids liked them so much that she had to hide a few so her husband could try them. Quotes
Laura K

Quotes oh my gosh...i bought my first dozen yesterday. I got a mix of red velvet, pineapple upside down cake and orange-strawberry-....yeah something else! But I took one bite and couldn't stop. I shared just one...needless to say I have no more! They are off the hook!!! Quotes
lynn ramey
in love....

Quotes I love Tuesday nights because not only does Natalie and Ashlynn come to my house for dinner, but I know I'm going to sample a new flavor cake ball. And I have to say, everyone I've tasted have been so delicious! She's got little masterpieces cooking everyday!! And I'm not saying this because I'm her mother, I'm saying it because I'm a satisfied customer!! :) Quotes
Satisfied Momma

Quotes Got two dozen of these for Valentine's Day. I have to say, these things are little devils that will find their way onto your taste buds without your consent and you will not regret a single moment of it. Quotes
Jeff Walker
Delicious cake balls

Quotes Natalies cake balls are amazing! I have ordered them for a few different occasions and they are a hit from litte kids to the grown ups! They are so great for the kids because there is no mess! Everyone should have a cake ball at least once! Quotes
Manager Lola Belle Co

Quotes As a frequent visitor to Natalie's house, I have had the enjoyment of sampling pretty much every flavor cake ball so far. They are beyond amazing!!!! You know that big smile that you get on your face when you bite into your favorite kind of comfort food? You are guranteed to have that smile on your face with every bite of cake balls by Natalie! Move over Betty Crocker you about to be put out of business! Quotes

Quotes I ordered Cake Balls by Natalie for the girls in my office for Christmas and since than it seems like I have been ordering them on a weekly basis from Natalie. They are delicious treats that the whole office loves. They love to keep them around for a small snack when they need to take a break from their daily routine. What's better then eating a cake ball. Nothing :) Way to go Natalie!!! Quotes
Anne-Marie Arnold
Cake Balls by Natalie

Quotes You know that feeling!? The warm sunshine, running till your lungs hurt, laughing till you cry, your mom tucking you in after a nice bath! All those feelings rushed through my head as soon as I bit into a cake ball! The outer chocolate shell broke with little to no resistance as it melted into the whirlwind of rich chocolate cake batter like interior. As the flavors caressed my taste buds, I couldn't help but notice the love, as they are no doubt constructed with love in mind! They are classy enough for a gift to mom, yet they are begged for by my twenty some year old "harda$$" friends.... When you first taste them it's like a secret, you want to keep to yourself, but it's to amazing not to share.... I don't think adjectives and flavor descriptions would do them justice. To say the very least it's a full on experience! Top three desserts of all time for me easily! Brilliant Quotes
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